Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula (SK RECORDS Exclusive Release)

Hollywood's Dracula (Album Cover)
 SK RECORDS INC. Exclusive Release

With original soundtrack music by 4-time Grammy Nominee Art Greenhaw and musical research by definitive Lugosi scholar Gary Don Rhodes, this musical soundtrack album is the ultimate audio tribute to the life and career of Hollywood's essential Dracula, the dark and mysterious Bela Lugosi. Years in the making, this critically-acclaimed CD has much never-before-released music and audio not found in the DVD or other film releases. The album contains original album notes by Rhodes and is released with the authorization/permission of the Bela Lugosi Estate. Top authorities in the fields of the golden age of Hollywood and horror films lavish praise on this labor-of-love audio tribute to Lugosi as "best audio celebration of a film star's persona..." Re-creations of period music associated with Lugosi eras, original theme songs, rare Lugosi broadcasts and sound-bites, and so much more make this album a "must-have" for all Lugosi, classic Hollywood, and film fans.


" The ultimate Bela Lugosi CD...unique, captivating, an amazing collector's find... -- Terror Journal

"...I've never heard a better mix of 19th century European classical music and contemporary Americana..." -- Film Fax magazine

"...the best-ever horror star audio tribute...combines art, music and history..." -- Monster Maker

"Swan Lake" turns up again in Greenhaw's pleasingly orchestrated version dominated by electric organ, and, lastly, as "Swan Lake Rock", the arranger's audacious and completely successful melding of the Tchaikovsky piece with the Ventures-style guitar. The cut is simultaneously rockin' and traditionally melodic. I loved it.
Greenhaw's other adaptations/arrangements of existing melodies are no less clever.
Original compositions include Greenhaw's "A Hunchback Named Ygor", a regrettably brief piece dominated by melancholy oboe; and "Child of the Night", a sincere Rhodes-Greenhaw collaboration that seizes upon Bartok, and other early 20th-century modernists, for inspiration. -- FilmFax Magazine, July 1998


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