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Ann-Margret's Big Choir Album, GOD IS LOVE: The Gospel Sessions 2

For a fabulous follow-up to her Grammy and Dove Nominated album GOD IS LOVE, superstar Ann-Margret sings with a Texas massed choir and records her latest spiritual album, GOD IS LOVE: THE GOSPEL SESSIONS 2, "live" in a full sanctuary setting complete with pipe organ. Here are rare, newly-discovered images of the historic recording session in progress.

SK RECORDS FLASH! Josh Knight is Key Contributor to Truthmonger Comics

Grammy Award Winner Art Greenhaw, creator-editor-writer of Truthmonger Comics, has been friends with comicbook legend Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame for twenty years. Art discusses his Truthmonger Comics titles GOD'S SILVER SOLDIERS and TALES OF NAZARETH with his mentor, Stan, and shows Stan the first gallery proofs of the two titles. 

Josh Knight of Studio Knights is colorist, artist and graphic designer for multiple titles of Truthmonger comics. 

ON THE RADIO - Art Greenhaw on his Silver Soldiers!

- ON THE RADIO - Art Greenhaw discussing his comic book series, God's Silver Soldiers.

Studio Knights EXCLUSIVE: New Truthmonger Comics - Out Now!!!

Four, uncut, uncensored, non-politically-correct ORIGIN TALES of bold, courageous, and brave Truthmonger Super-Heroes!

We believe you'll find our HEROES just a bit...different...!!

ORIGINS OF TRUTHONGER COMICS is destined to become an all-time classic in the annals of visual art and graphic novel storytelling!

Attend the Official Film Premiere - Lucien Leinfelder: The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson's

Attend the Official Film Premiere
Event Announcement:

Friends and fans of Lucien Leinfelder are invited to a premier viewing of his NEW documentary film, "Lucien Leinfelder, The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson's" The film chronicles the life, career and 20 year personal battle with Parkinson's disease of Lucien, one of the world's greatest classical concert pianists to call Texas home.

Leinfelder, a friend/Julliard classmate and contemporary of the late Van Cliburn. played to audiences throughout the United States and Europe. He also was a professor of piano at Southern Methodist University and solo artist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra before being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1999.

This newly released documentary film, produced by Grammy Award winner Art Greenhaw with co-directors, Josh Knight and David Douglas will be presented in a special public …

Grant Maloy Smith - Dust Bowl - American Stories

Every now and then a CD comes across my listening station that is so steeped in reality you can feel the dirt, smell the hobo soup steaming, feel the rain in the air and sense the struggle as it ripens in a man or woman’s face.

Grant Maloy Smith has pieced together an album he's been working on since 2014 of 13 diverse songs that have the lyrics and music as potent as Woody Guthrie, as intense as John Trudell and dusted with the trials and tribulations of Tom Joad – Steinbeck and “The Grapes of Wrath.” It’s all in the notes being played on this album: “Dust Bowl – American Stories.”
Grant is not a greenhorn at this music he’s been around the barn a few times.

He’s not a country staple the way radio plays it today. Not much music here about Saturday night barn dances, pick-up trucks with Confederate flags and redneck bandanas, girls in tight cut-offs and straining halters, getting drunk on beer and waking up in a cotton field. Grant is closer in theory to the Outlaw singer…

Knight of Mesquite - Studio Knights in the Mesquite News

Knight of Mesquite Local musician, filmmaker creates first documentaryStory by Anny Sivilay - Mesquite News Mesquite native Josh Knight is known for his music and his studio Studio Knights, but now he can add filmmaker to his repertoire with his first documentary, “Lucien Leinfelder: The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson’s.” This documentary recently got a Grammy Awards entry for Best Music Film.

Another item of his work that got a Grammy entry is his art design for the “Truthmonger” Comics Group 2-CD box set with book and mini posters.

What was the inspiration behind your documentary?
For me it was personal – he (Lucien Leinfelder) has Parkinson's, my grandfather had Parkinson's, and the fact that I was working with my mentor’s (Art Greenhaw) mentor. With it being a personal film to Art meant that it was a personal thing for me in being able to get to know him to be able do a documentary about him.

Your …

CONGRATS! Studio Knights Collaborator - Receives Inkpot Award!

World of Imagination The couple that creates togetherAnny Sivilay
North Texas couple Ben and Rebecca Dunn teamed up with Mesquite’s own Art Greenhaw in creating and distributing a Christian-based comic book, “God’s Silver Soldiers,” published through Truthmonger Comics Group.

God’s Silver Soldiers debuted at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con and can be purchased at Mesquite Barbecue, Amazon and through Christian Publishers. The trio are working on getting it stocked in mainstream comic book shops as well.

Ben and Rebecca were approached by Greenhaw to work on this project because they are local and for their talent.

Ben said he grew up reading comics and love the medium, whereas Rebecca has always enjoyed reading and writing and won several writing awards as a child.

"Comics was an escapist entertainment for me at the time, and I love reading them. I love the characters,” said Ben. “I decided at an early age I wa…

NEW ISSUE: Origins of Truthmonger Comics - Ships NOV. 7

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Exclusive - Studio Knights - Comics
- The Amazing Melania - Silver Soldiers - Origin Story #1 - Sons of Thunder - Little Soldier of the Cross
- Tales of Nazareth - Crossfire 
Flagship title of faith-based Truthmonger Comics Group, God's Silver Soldiers are a heroic team fighting for truth, ethics, and moral-spiritual values.
Art Greenhaw / Story
During the years that creator Art Greenhaw produced and arranged Grammy Award-Winning and 8-Time Grammy Award Nominated albums in the Gospel-Christian field of music, Art's record label built a core of thousands of devoted fans who found his songs and stories both entertaining and uplifting. Now Art is publishing a superhero visual novel series, GOD'S SILVER SOLDIERS. Joining creator/editor/writer Art Greenhaw for this new flagship title of Truthmonger Comics Group are a…

Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula (SK RECORDS Exclusive Release)

SK RECORDS INC. Exclusive Release
With original soundtrack music by 4-time Grammy Nominee Art Greenhaw and musical research by definitive Lugosi scholar Gary Don Rhodes, this musical soundtrack album is the ultimate audio tribute to the life and career of Hollywood's essential Dracula, the dark and mysterious Bela Lugosi. Years in the making, this critically-acclaimed CD has much never-before-released music and audio not found in the DVD or other film releases. The album contains original album notes by Rhodes and is released with the authorization/permission of the Bela Lugosi Estate. Top authorities in the fields of the golden age of Hollywood and horror films lavish praise on this labor-of-love audio tribute to Lugosi as "best audio celebration of a film star's persona..." Re-creations of period music associated with Lugosi eras, original theme songs, rare Lugosi broadcasts and sound-bites, and so much more make this album a "must-have" for…


Rita King in Hollywood remembering her father who gave so much to the world.  
"Taking a stroll on Hollywood BLVD… I am Blessed…" - Rita King

Support Rita King and her book: MESSAGES FROM MY SISTER
Rita King, daughter of blues legend B.B. King, provides inspiration, motivation, and personal and spiritual empowerment as she shares deeply meaningful messages between her sister, Gydia \\\"Sunshine\\\" Haynes, and herself. Complete with personal commentary on the meaning and application of each letter, poem, card, and message, Rita illuminates what each reader can take away from this book to overcome everyday challenges and develop spiritual maturity.


Special Edition Box Set 2-CD special, limited edition with actual comicbook included and with mini-posters included (signed by the creators) MUSIC TO READ TRUTHMONGER COMICS BY Art Greenhaw Presents Various Artists 2-CD special, limited edition of roots Americana gospel music commemorates the greatest, new Christian comicbook series of the 21st century, Truthmonger Comics. Major motion picture-style superheroes for the faith-based/Christian comics fan leap forth, fly in, and come crashing through in comicbook titles "God's Silver Soldiers", "The Amazing Melania", "Little Soldier of the Cross", "The Singing Sons of Thunder", and more. The mini-poster, full-color, comic-style art packaged within gives an amazing glimpse into the power illustrations found in the comics. Graphic design and boxed-set creation by Studio Knights/Josh Knight.
******************************************************** list $15.98; 2-CD special, limited edition with fu…

Lucien Leinfelder: The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson's

Lucien Leinfelder: A Living Legend
 A must for the music library of every pianist and would-be-pianist, American piano great Lucien Leinfelder toured the world as a virtuoso stage pianist, and then went on to world acclaim as a university piano teacher to young, gifted students and a master visual artist/painter. 20 years ago, Lucien was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and to this very day miraculously plays on in weekly concerts that amaze the medical profession and inspire patients the world over. Be uplifted and motivated by this beautiful story of the pianist who will never give up/never give in and who has been dubbed "the pianist with the hands of an angel". "Quotes"  "...the pianist possesses a jewel of a piano hand, harnessed by an explosive imagination...a man of scope and potency." TELEGRAAF, Amsterdam "He achieved technical clarity during passages of hair-raising difficulty...brilliant by any standard." THE TIMES, London "…