Lucien Leinfelder: The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson's

Lucien Leinfelder: A Living Legend

 A must for the music library of every pianist and would-be-pianist, American piano great Lucien Leinfelder toured the world as a virtuoso stage pianist, and then went on to world acclaim as a university piano teacher to young, gifted students and a master visual artist/painter. 20 years ago, Lucien was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and to this very day miraculously plays on in weekly concerts that amaze the medical profession and inspire patients the world over. Be uplifted and motivated by this beautiful story of the pianist who will never give up/never give in and who has been dubbed "the pianist with the hands of an angel".
"...the pianist possesses a jewel of a piano hand, harnessed by an explosive imagination...a man of scope and potency." TELEGRAAF, Amsterdam
"He achieved technical clarity during passages of hair-raising difficulty...brilliant by any standard." THE TIMES, London
"...great style, impeccable finger work, a rich range of sonorities, a delicate touch." LE JOURNAL de GENEVE
"...exceptionally colorful tone and virtuosity." DONNERSTAG KURIER
"...pyrotechnical brilliance...dictated by unfailing good taste." NEW YORK TIMES 
Lucien Leinfelder Signs the First 100
Copies for For  Fans Around the World!
Lucien Leinfelder at his home posing
with the film.

Produced by: Art Greenhaw
Directed by: Josh Knight & David Douglas
Co-Directed by: Lucien Leinfelder
The Official Movie Poster
(Lucien Leinfelder: The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson's)

℗ © 2017. Lucien Leinfelder. Art Greenhaw Inc., Josh Knight, Studio Knights. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This gentleman has a biography to be celebrated and remembered forever: master pianist, master teacher, master visual artist, master furniture builder/painter!

  2. Does anyone know the name of the style in which he painted? I have one of his wooden wall panels and it is stunning


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