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Special Edition Box Set 2-CD special, limited edition with actual comicbook included and with mini-posters included (signed by the creators) MUSIC TO READ TRUTHMONGER COMICS BY Art Greenhaw Presents Various Artists 2-CD special, limited edition of roots Americana gospel music commemorates the greatest, new Christian comicbook series of the 21st century, Truthmonger Comics. Major motion picture-style superheroes for the faith-based/Christian comics fan leap forth, fly in, and come crashing through in comicbook titles "God's Silver Soldiers", "The Amazing Melania", "Little Soldier of the Cross", "The Singing Sons of Thunder", and more. The mini-poster, full-color, comic-style art packaged within gives an amazing glimpse into the power illustrations found in the comics. Graphic design and boxed-set creation by Studio Knights/Josh Knight.
******************************************************** list $15.98; 2-CD special, limited edition with fu…

Lucien Leinfelder: The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson's

Lucien Leinfelder: A Living Legend
 A must for the music library of every pianist and would-be-pianist, American piano great Lucien Leinfelder toured the world as a virtuoso stage pianist, and then went on to world acclaim as a university piano teacher to young, gifted students and a master visual artist/painter. 20 years ago, Lucien was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and to this very day miraculously plays on in weekly concerts that amaze the medical profession and inspire patients the world over. Be uplifted and motivated by this beautiful story of the pianist who will never give up/never give in and who has been dubbed "the pianist with the hands of an angel". "Quotes"  "...the pianist possesses a jewel of a piano hand, harnessed by an explosive imagination...a man of scope and potency." TELEGRAAF, Amsterdam "He achieved technical clarity during passages of hair-raising difficulty...brilliant by any standard." THE TIMES, London "…