Josh Knight Receives Recognition Award from the City of Marfa Texas

Josh Knight with Marfa City Officials at the 2019 Marfa Lights Festival (Holding Recognition Award) *Photo Credit: Vanessa S. Knight
 It was a hot afternoon in Marfa Texas as the 2019 Marfa Lights Festival started up. Josh Knight, a Dallas native, Mesquite High School graduate, and Full Sail University alumni, gets awarded from the city of Marfa Texas, Chamber of Commerce for creating the city’s 33rd Annual Marfa Lights Festival official logo.
Logo Design by Joshua J. Knight for the 33rd Marfa Lights Festival - Sept. 2019
 “I heard about the contest when learning about the cities mysterious lights, and thought, what better way to visit the city of Marfa - to put in for the contest, and I won. I’m very great-full to of had this opportunity, super amazing to see people wearing my design”. – Josh Knight
Certificate of Recognition (Joshua J. Knight) City of Marfa Texas - Sept. 2019

Marfa Lights Festival - Sept. 2019 (Photo Credit: Vanessa S Knight)


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